A man has been hit by a car on Celeber Dr.
A man has been hit by a car on Celeber Dr.

‘Horrific’ crash is haunting resident

VICKY Kisina is haunted by the "horrific" vision of an elderly man lifeless on the road after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing a street in Andergrove.

"It's very traumatic … and very sad," the Andergrove resident said.

Police confirmed an 87-year-old man died two days after he was involved in a traffic crash Thursday night on Celeber Dr, near Parkview Ct.

Ms Kisina, who lives in the area, was with a friend, Lance Payne when the tragic incident occurred just before 6pm.

"Next thing we know he's on the ground," Mr Payne said, describing it as horrendous.

"We were on scene within seconds.

"To say that I was mortified is an understatement."

It is understood a vehicle had left a shopping centre on Celeber Dr when it struck the man. He was taken to Mackay Base Hospital and died Saturday morning.

No charges have been laid in relation to this incident and Mackay police Forensic Crash Unit is investigating.

Ms Kisina, as well as other witnesses, phoned 000.

"The paramedics, fireys and police have turned up - my hat's off to them," Mr Payne said.

It is understood the man's daughter was there as paramedics tried to save her father's life.

Mr Payne said the man walked to the nearby shops every day.

"He looked like a lovely old chap," Ms Kisina said.

"It was just very horrific.

"I just feel very sorry for … his whole family."