Kane Alan Smith, pictured in 2015, attacked a prison guard after being served someone else's meal.
Kane Alan Smith, pictured in 2015, attacked a prison guard after being served someone else's meal. Fraser Coast Chronicle

How being served the wrong meal led to a prison riot

A VIOLENT Hervey Bay criminal's belief the prison meal he was served was not halal was the "trigger” for other prisoners, including a convicted terror plotter, to riot.

Kane Alan Smith is currently serving a seven-year jail term for a home invasion where he stabbed a 71-year-old woman in the eye with a butter knife.

In jail he has converted to Islam and asked for halal meals. In prison, Smith has shaved his head and grown a long beard.

In Arthur Gorrie Prison in March 2017, Smith had repeatedly asked for a halal meal at lunch. When his dinner arrived that evening, he noted it had another prisoner's name on it.

Smith, 24, did not believe the dinner was halal and began swearing at a prison guard and threw the meal on the ground.

The guard, who was the only guard in the unit, ordered other prisoners into the exercise yard and Smith into an airlock.

When an officer attempted to put restraints on him, Smith lashed out and injured the guard's hand.

Convicted terror plotter Agim Kruezi stood outside the airlock and kicked it. Meanwhile other prisoners in the yard began egging Smith on. Another prisoner attacked a different guard and began what Justice Leanne Clare called a "melee”.

Six of the 22 prison guards called to stop the riot were injured.

Smith's barrister Catherine Morgan said her client had not been involved in the riot and could not be held responsible for other prisoners' actions.

The court heard after the event Smith spent two months in solitary confinement.

Smith pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to assaulting a prison guard. Kruezi pleaded guilty to taking part in an unlawful assembly.

Judge Clare said Smith's time in solitary confinement was punishment for his offending. He was sentenced to 10 days' jail that Judge Clare said was a "token amount”.

Kruezi, 26, was sentenced to four months' jail, suspended after serving one month. He is currently serving a 17-year sentence for plotting a terror attack and attempting to travel to Syria to fight.

Three other prisoners have already been sentenced for the riot. -NewsRegional