How to create great memories using iOS 10

ONE of the coolest features in Apple's iOS 10 is Memories, which curates photos and videos with little effort on your part.

You simply go to Photos and then click on the Memories button (second from left down the bottom).

The Memories function can create a home-made movie from family gatherings, vacations or just a day out fishing.

Once your Memories video is created (literally in a matter of seconds), you can change the music, the theme, adjust the length of the video, add other photos and change the title.

The editing function is accessed from the bottom right.

You can edit, replay your video, edit again, and then when you have it how you want it, share it on Facebook, Instagram, AirPlay, Messenger, YouTube or just save it to your camera roll.

The key is to take lots of different photos and short video clips so you keep the pace of the video moving quickly.

Have a good look through your photos, following hyperlinks to things like people, locations or photos on this day as a quick way to create your own memories.

After deciding your theme, choose your video length.

You can create short (less than 20 seconds), medium (40 seconds) or longer clips (a minute or more).