YOU'VE promised each other you'll watch House of Cards together. 

But then one night she goes out with her friends and the urge to find out what happens next is just too much. 

Before you know it she's returned home and you're left guiltily pretending you sat through whatever it is that's still being played on free to air TV. 

Then to make matters worse the next day you have to sit there and bite your tongue - holding in those spoilers until your just bursting with guilt. 

And then finally after the third episode you can't take it anymore - you fess up. 

Now you've lost her and all you had to do was resist the temptation to Netflix cheat. 

Well now, Cornetto allegedly has the answer - commitment rings - which stop popular streaming programs from being able to play the shows you've said you'd watch together. 

So far the rings are only available in the UK - according to the video - they're part of a promotion for Cornetto ice creams.

And while it may be a hoax - we've contacted Streets in Australia to see if they'll be available here - as apparently they're not yet available for purchase. 

The rings work by linking in to your streaming platform and making it so you can only watch certain shows when the rings are together. 

Using a mobile app couples register their rings and choose which shows they want to watch together - then using what's described as near field technology the rings block the stream when they're apart. 

It can be paired up with most popular streaming services - or so Cornetto say.