Veterans Queensland Cricket - Batsman Scott McIntosh.
Veterans Queensland Cricket - Batsman Scott McIntosh.

How Gympie cricketer McIntosh made his boyhood dream come true

Cricket: A boyhood dream will come true next month for Wests president Scott McIntosh.

The Gympie cricketer was selected in the one-day Queensland Country over 60s squad three weeks ago to take on the touring Great Britain side at Ipswich on December 3.

“I am looking forward to that,” he said.

Wests president Scott McIntosh.
Wests president Scott McIntosh.

“England are out here doing a tour playing a few one-dayers against Queensland and three or four games against Australia. I’ve never played against an international squad before. (I) Played against overseas players when they were playing in other teams.”

When asked if this was a bit of a boyhood dream McIntosh said “I guess it is in a way”.

“I have waited a long time for this opportunity. I probably never thought I was good enough, I suppose.”


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McIntosh said the veterans’ competition was proving age was just a number.

“Veterans cricket is great, it has given a lot of guys like myself an opportunity to go and play cricket,” he said.

“We are all in the same boat and there are guys from 60 right up to 70.”

This is not the only cricket side McIntosh has been part of.

He returned last week from a Veterans Cricket Australia over-60s tournament in Adelaide.

He played three games in the Division 2 John Beaton Trophy for the Queensland 2 Barras side.

Gympie Cricket at One Mile Valleys V Wests - Scott McIntosh
Gympie Cricket at One Mile Valleys V Wests - Scott McIntosh

Barras won all of their three games and McIntosh was dubbed the leading run scorer.

“The first game (against Victoria 3) I made 23, second game (against Tasmania 2) I was retired at 50. Once you make 50 you are retired.

“Third (against NSW 2 Waratahs) I made 43. Unfortunately we did not play well enough in the final and got beaten by Victoria.”

Wests - Scott McIntosh, president/batsman.
Wests - Scott McIntosh, president/batsman.

McIntosh said he got some experience playing on different wickets.

“It was my first time in Adelaide, but it was a great experience.

“All the grounds are AFL. They’ve been top dressed after the season and the centre bounce is on the middle wicket. Some were difficult and the fields were rough,” he said.