Police are searching for suspects after a Wondunna robbery.
Police are searching for suspects after a Wondunna robbery. Contributed

Neighbours unite to help catch suspected burglar

WONDUNNA residents are rallying together after a local family was robbed for the second time in one month.

The house on Gilston Rd was ransacked before electronics, jewellery and other sentimental items were stolen on Boxing Day.

A neighbour posted a photo of one of the alleged suspects on the Brickbats and Bouquets Fraser Coast Facebook page later that night.

The man, wearing a green shirt, yellow shorts and black trainers, can be seen running away from the home carrying what appears to be a laptop and other electronics.

He is alleged to be one of three suspects involved in the break-in.

Community members have been left angered by the brazen nature of the crime.

One person questioned how brazen the suspects were by targeting the home without the cover of darkness.

"Broad daylight! Wow! They are getting more brazen," she posted.

Police confirmed the incident.

Officers allege two men and a woman had been travelling in a white SUV that was parked along Gilston Rd on the afternoon of December 26.

Police say two men then exited the vehicle and entered the victims' property from a side fence.

"They searched the house and stole a number of items," police told the Chronicle.

One of the men then returned to the waiting SUV before the vehicle sped off.

"The second man allegedly tried to steal a vehicle from the property but was unable to start it. He then fled the scene on foot," said police.