Graham Parr rolling up his sleeves, and now you can help him.
Graham Parr rolling up his sleeves, and now you can help him. Contributed

How this man's hobby is benefiting all of Gympie

GYMPIE man Graham Parr saw an issue with the River to Rail Trail a couple of years back and decided to do something about it.

"I saw they'd planted all these lovely new trees, but they were dying, first through a lack of water, and then because grass and vines were out-competing them,” Mr Parr said.

So, he rolled up his sleeves and took bottles of water down to the new trees and since the rain, has been pulling the racine vines and grass along different sections of the trail.

"I wanted to give the new trees a chance.

"It's a beautiful walk and it will be really beautiful once the trees grow a bit more,” Mr Parr said.

The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee have also come on board to give Mr Parr a hand and between them they have organised a clean-up day on the first Saturday of every month.

Volunteers can meet tomorrow at 1pm, at the back of the touch football clubhouse at Albert Park.

Everyone is welcome to attend with refreshments served after a couple of hours of hard work.

And what does Mr Parr get out of all of his hard work so far?

"I love seeing how the trees look now they've been given a chance to grown,” he said.

Contact the MRCCC on 5482 4766 for more information.