The choices we make to nourish our body and our minds are reflected in our overall health.
The choices we make to nourish our body and our minds are reflected in our overall health. SIphotography

How to eat for nourishment not just because

THIS topic came to mind during a session with a client recently and I recognise it as being a bit of a theme, particularly in the modern world. The topic is nourishment.

When you hear the word nourishment what comes to mind? It's likely that you're thinking of food and drink but, when you stop and consider it, there are many forms of nourishment, both physical and psychological. Here is what I mean.

I am often teased by family and friends because for some time now I have been interested in nourishing my body rather than just randomly eating and drinking whatever is close at hand and I take it seriously. Some say too seriously.

It plays out not only in what I choose to eat but also when and how because I began to notice that a lot of the time I wasn't necessarily hungry or thirsty and that sometimes I was just having a snack because it was available or drinking because others were. At other times I wasn't really appreciating what I was taking in because I was in a hurry or distracted.

I have always loved exploring and experimenting with new and unusual tastes and I actually really enjoy eating. The difference is that I now truly consider what my body feels it needs to be nourished and, generally, give it that. It's different things at different times and has required a new approach to and connection with my body, which has been insightful and challenging and at times I have needed to adjust my approach for various reasons.

While physical nourishment is important, of course, particularly for overall health, so is our psychological nourishment.

So take a moment to ask yourself this. What do you watch on TV? What do you look at online? What do you read? What do you listen to? Who do you surround yourself with? Are any of them truly nourishing for you or are they more like fast food?

Quick and available ways to fill time but that often leave you hungry for more, dissatisfied or craving something different? Maybe you find yourself becoming frustrated or angered by certain things or feeling diminished and disregarded by those around you. How can that be truly nourishing?

So while it's wonderful that we have so much choice, we don't always choose wisely when it comes to overall nourishment, whether physical or psychological, and it can leave us feeling depleted, particularly at this time of year. If you recognise that then perhaps it's time to reflect on what (and who) truly nourishes you and then decide if and when it's time to make some changes. And as with everything, small changes can create great results.