It’s all in the timing.
It’s all in the timing.

How to save $10,000 a year on groceries

AN AUSSIE  mum says waiting for those yellow discount tags to come out at your local supermarket can wipe thousands of dollars off a family's grocery spend.

Kimberly Bertram feeds her family with three children for just $70 a week simply by capitalising on older perishable stock being marked down before the stores are forced to throw it in the bin.

Markdown Addicts Facebook group shows how it’s done.
Markdown Addicts Facebook group shows how it’s done.

According to ASIC's MoneySmart survey, the average spend on food and drink for an Australian family is $269 a week - that means the Bertram family is saving more than $10,000 a year.

Ms Bertram, who is an administrative member of the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, says the key is knowing what time your local Coles or Woolworths typically marks down products for clearance.

"The best markdowns are always going to happen in the afternoon to late night, at the close of business," she told Yahoo.

"The option for the store is either they sell it or they throw it away.

"If you do want to find that golden period initially you have to put in some groundwork.

"It took me about a month of going backwards and forwards to the shops and working out when the markdowns happen.

"I think it was maybe two weeks, I went to the shops literally every day and I'd go at different intervals just to figure out when the markdowns were going to come out."

As cost-of-living pressures weigh on Aussie families, the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group has gained in popularity with nearly 100,000 members sharing tricks and local discounts.


A savvy mother recorded the prices at Woolworths, Coles and Aldi for a typical grocery basket to find out which was cheapest.

Aldi, as many would suggest, came in with the lowest cost at $64.76, followed by Coles at $68.70 and then Woolworths at $70.13.

And the winner is …
And the winner is …

The woman, named Celia, shared the results on a Facebook group known as Mums Who Budget and Save.

"I've compiled a price comparison list of things I buy," she said in a post.

"Prices are from today the 1st May 2019. Everything from Coles and Woolies is home brand and the tinned tomatoes are the Italian tomatoes and the toilet cleaner is the duck one that goes on the rim."

The woman included her thorough list of the experiment, and while the differences in each item were only slight, it added up for a total shop.

"I should say that the frozen peas at Woolies are $2, not $2.90. Forgot to add Jalna 1kg (which is) $7 Coles and Woolies and $4.79 Aldi," Celia said in her post.

The prices, of course, differ from store to store even among the same chains.

A recent consumer satisfaction survey by advocacy group Choice ranked Aldi higher than Coles and Woolworths when it came to value.

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Look out for those markdown tags.
Look out for those markdown tags.