A bikini a day... Image: Instagram/@devinbrugman
A bikini a day... Image: Instagram/@devinbrugman

How to wear the hot throwback bikini that'll be on every beach

Since the 90s, low-slung hipster bikini bottoms have reigned supreme, with high-cut varieties inviting nothing but Jane Fonda jokes.

But part thanks to this year's Baywatch revival movie and part thanks to Kendall Jenner and co, the high cut has made a triumphant - and flattering - return.

Yes, 2017 is officially the summer of the retro super-high-cut swimsuit. And the Pamela Anderson-reminiscent silhouette (which hits above the hip) is bringing with it a swag of body positivity - accentuating curves while being flattering to boot.

For most of us, shopping for swimmers is up there in the anxiety stakes with running into an ex when you're hungover, so we hear your scepticism on a new style loud and clear.

But if you are ready to go thigh high, here's a few things to think about before hitting the change rooms:

  • Start basic. An all-black high-leg pair of bottoms are surprisingly easy to pull off (and will match with your other tops, too.) 
  • The look is as much about the elongating, deep-V front as it is about the skimpy bum, so if you're not into showing off your pubic hair, the Brazilian-inspired look requires a wax to match.
  • If you're working with more booty, thicker, high-sitting straps are more flattering than the skinny love-handle-hugging-low riders.

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