How well do you know past and present Origin players?

IF YOU love a good puzzle, don't miss our collectable illustrated State of Origin poster in tomorrow's paper.

The souvenir poster, packed with faces of famous Origin characters, has been custom drawn by one of Australia's best-known cartoonists - Gary Clark, illustrator of Swamp (and a self-confessed die-hard Maroons fan).

The amazing illustration features more than 150 characters on the field, plus hundreds more in the crowd, and it's your job to see if you can pick out the many recognisable players and identities from more than 30 years of Origin action and drama.

These include anything from players and coaches to commentators and mascots, combatants due to run on the field Wednesday night and legends from decades past who gave the interstate series its reputation for tough men and tough footy.

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Mr Clark said the fun but daunting task of drawing the poster had been a satisfying experience.

"It's been a stretch and very challenging, but doing it has expanded my cartooning skills," he said.

"I guess it is like a workout at a gym - you have to load up the muscles to make them grow.

"Pressure of a tight deadline also helped me clarify my thinking."

So if you're keen for some fun for all the family, don't miss Mr Clark's one-off poster inside the paper tomorrow.