Hudson Meads.
Hudson Meads. Jacob Carson

Hudson's dream coming into focus

VISITORS to the G150 Street Parade in Mary St last weekend may have noticed a young man and his camera darting in and out of the action.

Far more than just a hobby videographer, 20-year-old Hudson Meads is quickly establishing himself as the Gympie Region's next media guru.

On the cusp of finishing university, he's looking forward to making a name for himself in and outside of Gympie, but admits there's still long way to go.

"I've been doing it for three years now, and I'm really in my last week,” he says.

"But this year I've been trying to look at promotion and I guess get some more experience - it's a different thing going from uni assessment to doing actual 'work'.”

VIDEO: Mary St Parade: Hudson's video of the G150 Gold Rush Parade

Having been naturally creative his whole life, the gift of a camera in his youth was instrumental in getting him where he is today.

"Growing up, technology and access to technology became commonplace - I was also using computers and digital illustration as well,” he says.

Operating as Hudson Meads Media, the transition to life as a graduate coincides with the difficulties of establishing and growing a business on his own.

VIDEO: Gympie Show: Hudson Mead's video of the 2017 Gympie District Show

But the driven young filmmaker and designer has taken a shrewd approach, making the most of his relationships and using his time wisely.

Take for example, the creation of film clips for his musician friend Ethan Roberts, something that's led to work proposals from other musicians.

Or the aforementioned film at the street parade, currently sitting at 12,000 views and nearly 200 shares on Facebook - not a bad achievement for an afternoon's work.

"With the weather being bad, I guess I wanted to show what it was like for people who maybe didn't get to the event,” he says.

"And then I wanted to show the crowd making their way to Albert Park for the concert, and then went back and edited it at home.”

Hudson Meads.
Hudson Meads. Jacob Carson

Another key moment came earlier in the year, when Gympie braced itself for a potential flood event as the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie bore down on the region.

"I was at home - uni had been cancelled because of all the rain - and I just happened to take my camera out in the morning to show what the conditions,” he says.

"Coming back later in the day, and seeing how much had changed, it was just a great way to tell a story simply.”

VIDEO: Gympie drought video: Hudson Mead's video about Gympie becoming drought declared and the subsequent massive rain event the region experienced in the aftermath of ex-tropical cyclone Debbie.

Hudson's current work stretches between more creative outlets (music videos) and the occasional corporate gig.

It's seen him travel to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for work as well, keenly aware that he may have to look beyond Gympie for consistent work and to grow his business.

As to what the end goal looks like? That's still to be determined.

"Part of me wants to see it grow and expand beyond just me doing the work - to get a team together,” he says.

Until then, it's just a matter of lining up the shot.

If you'd like to check out more of Hudson's work, you can find his Facebook page here.