Gregor Jeffery remembers crash victim Sarah Tonkin and praised his son who survived.
Gregor Jeffery remembers crash victim Sarah Tonkin and praised his son who survived.

Husband pays tribute to wife Sarah Tonkin who died in crash

THE husband of a new mum killed in a freak road crash has paid tribute to his "bloody legend" wife and their "tough little bugger" baby son.

Jan Juc 37-year-old Sarah Tonkin and her eight-month-old son Austin were driving on Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Rd at Balliang East on Friday afternoon, when a passing truck flicked up a fallen tow bar from to road into her car - sending it careening into a tree and ending up flipped onto its side.

Sarah was killed in the crash and Austin taken to the Royal Children's Hospital overnight.

Gregor Jeffery on Monday remembered his beloved wife.

"I've lost my best friend. We were good friends before we even got together, and have been best friends ever since," he said.

"I used to say to her 'you're a bloody legend Tonks' - her nickname was Tonks - and we were a good team doing different things.

"We used to DJ together, we'd do a lot of hiking around the Surf Coast ... she loved walking, and she just smashed that track every day with little Austin in the pram, and with her carrier.

"She's a legend and I miss her to bits."

Sarah Tonkin and baby Austin.
Sarah Tonkin and baby Austin.

Gregor and Sarah married in May, 2014, before settling in Jan Juc three years ago - and eventually welcoming Austin to their family earlier this year.

Gregor said he and Austin were now being well supported by friends and family, and expressed his relief at the baby's safe escape from the crash.

"Little Austin is a tough little bugger, he's got one little scratch on his head, and he was discharged from the hospital within 24 hours, so he's back home and we're just taking it step by step," he said.

"She loved him so much. He's in good hands now."

Ms Tonkin's death was the fourth fatality on the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Rd this year, after a 25-year-old Steiglitz man and a 61-year-old Clifton Springs woman were killed in a three-car collision on October 27, and following a March crash that killed a man in Lara.

The Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Rd is designated as one of the state's 20 highest-risk roads, and has been earmarked for upgrades and the installation of safety barrier.

In 2017 the State Government called on VicRoads to fast-track safety works on the deadly road, after it claimed 10 lives in a period of about five years.