Gympie Magistrates Court House, Channon Street, Gympie.
Gympie Magistrates Court House, Channon Street, Gympie. Patrick Woods

'I can't do it mum': suicidal youth breaks down in court

A YOUTH who is now experiencing the adult prions system for the first time tearfully told his mother he would kill himself as he was led to the Gympie Magistrate Court cells on Monday.

The court was told the youth turned 17 shortly before allegedly breaching his Children's Court bail by not reporting to Gympie police on Friday.

The Court was told the Channon St resident, who is not named because of a legal prohibition on reporting his Children's Court matters, suffered an anxiety attack which prevented him from crossing the road to the police station, where he was due to report to Gympie police as a condition of his bail.

Addressing the court from the dock, the youth repeatedly interrupted Magistrate M Baldwin, saying he had suffered an anxiety attack and was prone to them.

"I'd be suffering an anxiety attack right now if I were you," Magistrate M. Baldwin told the young man.

"Please, your honour, please," he said. "I just can't do it.


"I'm sick of being in jail. I've spent so much time behind bars, I can't do it anymore," he said.

Mrs Baldwin said the youth might still be able to be dealt with on the bail charge as a child, as the offence related to Children's Court bail.

But a further adult offence arose when police, visiting his home later on Friday, found a bong which they claimed smelled of cannabis, in his bedroom.

His mother, who also had to be repeatedly asked to be silent or leave the courtroom, sought to argue with Mrs Baldwin from the public gallery.

After reviewing an extensive record of offences and detention, Mrs Baldwin remanded him in custody until Thursday's Children's Court session.


"That's it. I'm going to hang myself," he said.


His legal representative told the court the 17-year-old had a mental health condition and had suffered "a crippling anxiety attack" on Friday.

Mrs Baldwin said he could not have bail because he refused to live with his father, which was his only hope.

"I love you," his mother called to him as he was led away. "It's only until Thursday."

The court was told police went to his Channon St home and found a bong in his bedroom, the subject of another adult charge.