‘I knew she was lying’: Accused cancer con bombshell

A BREAST cancer survivor and former friend of Amanda Power claims she has known for years that the cancer ambassador accused of faking her cancer diagnosis was lying.

"Those that know me have known what I thought for three years and have known the fullness of why I had to pull back from this person … I'm sorry to all the people whose lives she's impacted," the woman posted on Facebook.

"I'll apologise because I believe she never will."

It is known Ms Power, one of Australia's leading cancer ambassadors and an Australian of the Year nominee, had a large group of friends and supporters around her who believed she was genuine in her claims that she had terminal cancer with a short time to live.

The friendship group would hold dinners for her, help her with practical chores and organise fun trips to cheer her up.

When the news leaked that Ms Power had been accused of faking cancer, many took to social media to proclaim they were "gobsmacked".


A Facebook image of Amanda Power
A Facebook image of Amanda Power


"The impact of her lies is enormous," one peson posted.

Other comments included, "When something smells off, it normally is," and, "You never want to fake having cancer, the treatment and side affects, PTSD I could go on."

Another post said: "I'm so heartbroken. I hope she gets the help she desperately needs..."

Friends of the former Cancer Council Queensland employee have confirmed that she is receiving intensive mental care at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

The hospital cannot confirm this due to mental health regulations.

The Courier-Mail reported that the 29-year-old Queensland woman was Australia's first global ambassador at the American Cancer Society's cancer summit and was a keynote speaker around her home state where she would share her own story of survival and would bond with cancer patients over their common battle.

Ms Power has claimed that she has battled uterine and ovarian cancer and melanoma.

In more recent times she claimed her cancer was terminal and had spread to her spine, brain, bowels, kidneys bones and stomach.

"I had a few tests done and we discovered I was in the early days of renal failure, my heart is playing up and my blood markers have increased dramatically," Ms Power posted on her mycause crowd-funding account which has been shut down.


Amanda Power promotes Daffodil Day (Facebook image)
Amanda Power promotes Daffodil Day (Facebook image)


Amanda Power’s Australian of the Year nomination
Amanda Power’s Australian of the Year nomination


"All this combined has left me with the prognosis of having only weeks left."

It is believed the fundraiser earned over $12,000.

After being contacted by The Courier-Mail, Cancer Council Queensland chief executive Chris McMillan, who had previously been pictured with Ms Power, said the alleged case of misrepresentation was disheartening.

It is understood CCQ raised the issue with police on Tuesday, and will continue to co-operate with relevant authorities. No police action has been taken at this stage.

"If found to be substantiated, the real victims here are the 29,000 Queenslanders who are diagnosed with cancer each year and those in our community who have heard this misleading story and tried to assist," Ms McMillan said.

Ms Power began her relationship with Cancer Council Queensland in 2007 as a fundraiser and she went on to become an employee in 2014.

After advising that she had been diagnosed with cancer in 2017, she resigned from her employment in February this year.