A man who injected ice the day before he drove from Blackbutt to Gympie has faced court.
A man who injected ice the day before he drove from Blackbutt to Gympie has faced court. Pxhere

Ice driver busted in Gympie says he's gone 'cold turkey'

A GYMPIE region man injected ice and smoked cannabis the day before he drove an unregistered and uninsured car he picked up from Blackbutt on a provisional license, Gympie Magistrates Court has heard.

Gregory Paul Muller, 43, pleaded guilty to one count each of driving with drugs in his saliva on a provisional license, driving uninsured and unregistered, in court last week.

The court heard police found Muller behind the wheel of the unregistered car, parked illegally on Perseverance St near Gympie Central on December 29.

They conducted a roadside drug test on Muller and conveyed him to the Gympie watchhouse, where he informed them he had injected ice and smoked cannabis the previous day, and returned a positive result in another saliva test.

Muller told Magistrate Chris Callaghan he was currently serving a suspended sentence for previous drug possession charges.

"What are you doing using? You're risking going straight to jail aren't you? I don't get it. Why would you be risking jail? I've got to send you to jail for that whole period of six months unless you can satisfy me that it would be unjust,” Mr Callaghan told him.

Muller replied that he had given up drugs "cold turkey” since December and had moved back to the region for a "fresh start” after "using daily” in Brisbane.

He added he had returned clean drug tests with child safety authorities as part of his efforts to get his child back, and had immediate prospects of employment.

Mr Callaghan said he was satisfied with Muller's submissions and noted the fact that he had used drugs did not mean he had possessed them.

He fined Muller $400 and extended his suspended sentence by one month. Convictions were recorded.