MY KITCHEN Rules is off to a fiery start, with two teams immediately facing off against each other and throwing insults.

During Monday night's season premiere, Italian brothers Josh and Nic were tasked with running the first Italian restaurant.

But most of the action was happening outside the kitchen, with sisters Jess and Emma quickly clashing with best friends Roula and Rachael.

It was clear there'd be drama from the outset, with Jess describing herself as "a horrible stuck-up b*tch" and Roula claiming people called her "a psycho".

After meeting their rivals, Rachael was quick to comment on their appearances during her piece to camera.

"I think that Jess and Emma are meant to be on the Real Housewives Of Sydney. Or maybe Botched," she sniped.

My Kitchen Rules, or Real Housewives?
My Kitchen Rules, or Real Housewives?

Meanwhile, Emma threw back a barb when she discovered Rachael also worked in real estate - but in a more junior position than her.

"Oh, admin? I'm a general manager. We don't have anything in common," she said.

Roula and Rachael didn’t hold back.
Roula and Rachael didn’t hold back.

But the real fireworks started after the entree of dumplings and gorgonzola sauce was served.

Despite the majority of the group praising the dish, Roula announced that she couldn't "stomach" it - and that she doesn't eat fried food because she "likes to look good".

Jess and Emma weren't impressed.

"To say that you can't stomach something is pretty brutal," Jess told her, adding that if it was her home, "I'd pick you up out of the chair and throw you out".

Roula snapped back: "Sorry, sister, but if I don't like something I will return it and if I can't stomach it I will verbalise it. I could not stomach it."

Later, Roula told the camera she didn't understand the other team's issue.

"Why do you want to start a beef with us? Because you're jealous? Because you like this dress and I'm like you wish you could fit in it?"

Meanwhile on Twitter, viewers were quick to criticise both teams.









My Kitchen Rules continues at 7.30pm tonight on Seven.