One Nation Gympie candidate Chelle Dobson has written a letter to the editor.
One Nation Gympie candidate Chelle Dobson has written a letter to the editor. Patrick Woods

'If the Budget was so bad, why did you support it Mr Perrett?'


Is Mr Perrett doing all he can?

ON READING the article "Leaders Refute Economists Claim” in The Gympie Times on Wednesday one is led to believe that Mr Perrett MP is doing all he can for Gympie.

Well that is simply not true.

What needs to happen is for Mr Perrett to be asked how he voted when Labor presented their budget to parliament. In the article he states that the budget took money away from Gympie; that the budget only focused on the seat held by the deputy premier.

Tony Perrett (Member for Gympie)
Gympie MP Tony Perrett. Frances Klein

Well Mr Perrett, thanks to live streaming of parliament I saw how you voted, the LNP voted against the budget and within the minutes allotted to count the entire votes the LNP, yes that includes you Mr Perrett, changed that vote, voting for the Labor budget.

I wonder why? Particularly if you were not happy with it.

Not only did the LNP vote with Labor but their counter to the Cross River Rail you seem now to be upset about was to build an architectural "icon”, a museum and aquarium in the very same electorate of South Brisbane (Courier-Mail, July 9).

When voting for the budget you also voted to increase the cost of vehicle registration and electricity for all Queenslanders, or have you forgotten this?

One Nation announced projects that would deliver in the regions for regional people and the prosperity of all Queensland, including reducing the cost of electricity to Queenslanders. And One Nation did not support the budget so voted against it.

In the event you don't believe me the video is available on my Facebook page.

Chelle Dobson,

One Nation Candidate Gympie

Labor is pumping money into regions

THE current Labor Government is pumping a lot of money into the regions, including Gympie, despite claims made by Mr Perrett (The Gympie Times, 13/9/17).

There are building works at Gympie Special School, and a significant upgrade to the agricultural department at Gympie High.

It was Labor state and federal governments that started the design and rebuild of the highway from Cooroy to Curra. The State Government funds 29% of this. Mr Perrett complained about Labor funding the Cross River Rail tunnel in Gympie, but seems to forget that the previous Newman/Nicholls LNP Government supported this very project.

Without the tunnel there can be no more trains from Gympie as the railways in Brisbane are congested.

The previous Labor Government funded the design of the rebuild of Kin Kin Rd over Noonans Range.

The LNP Government then cancelled the project.

The current Labor Government is funding the design of a new bridge over Coondoo Ck on Tin Can Bay Rd and is helping fund numerous projects that will improve our region and bring more visitors to Gympie.

These include the Valley Rattler, Goomeri our Towns Project, Gympie Aerodrome runway upgrade, sealing Tagigan Rd, and river to rail trail and other projects.

The current Labor Government has funded more child safety officers in Gympie, and more nurses at the Gympie Hospital. We now have a CT scanner the local Labor branch advocated for. New fire trucks have been purchased for brigades at Glenwood, Curra, Chatsworth, Wolvi and Traveston. Mothar Mountain is on track to have a new fire station.

This is on top of continued funding for schools, roads, police and many other services in our community.

Mr Perrett gives a pie in the sky promise of a very fast train. What Gympie needs is a state member who is positive and realistic.

Donna Reardon,


The big money grab

HAVE you ever wondered why Gympie floods so often?

All the millions of tonnes of water rushing down the Mary River since before Gympie was ever settled?

Her banks are still strong and narrow. That indicates strong unyielding rock.

With today's technology, why can't water be stored in underground tanks, formed in that solid rock beside the Mary? It has been done in other countries with less technology that we have at our disposal.

The technology has been created where every farm and household could generate their own solar or wind.

It will be argued "that's not so” much easier to invent than phones that talk so many millions to be made from such inventions but with power it's easier to hold us to ransom with soaring prices.

A plant could easily be made to turn cane into fuel for adapted pumps. These in power have no thought for their descendants. They go down with the rest of us. So they continue on with the big money grab. Let's face it they have no more responsibility than a family trying to make their meagre pension, dole or wages go round bare necessities.

Everyone is expected to keep up with all technology or live with their out-dated systems that don't work any more and just stare at the walls.

M Moore,


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