SAVAGE OWNER: Man's "appalling” behaviour over dog attack ends in court.

'I'll smash your face in bitch': man's threat over dog fight

A SOUTHSIDE man turned savage after a dog fight and threatened to cut a woman's throat and her dog's, Gympie Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

The incident happened on August 19 after the woman attempted to walk her dog past an Amamoor home, Gympie Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

Police told the court the woman had told Imbil officers had investigated the incident the following day, attending the Thomas St address where the incident occurred.

The woman told them she had been walking her dog about 5pm when the man's two dogs jumped the front fence of the home and attacked her dog.

The man, Andrew Jon Reed, a disability pensioner, 42 dragged his dogs off the woman's dog but had then begun yelling and swearing at her, telling her to "f...k off.”

When another woman intervened and said he should not speak like that, he told her he would "smash your face in,"

That woman's son then intervened and told Reed to "shut his mouth.”

Reed had continued to scream at the women, police told the court.

He rekindled the dispute later when he saw the women having coffee at the nearby Blue and White Teapot Café, telling the first woman: "I'll cut your throat and your dog's."

He then said he had cut his own dog's throat already and returned to the house.

The incident left both women distressed, police said.

Reed pleaded guilty to causing a public nuisance at Amamoor on Augsu5t 19, but told the court only that there were "two sides to the story."

He did not elaborate, however, even when magistrate Chris Callaghan asked him to.

"Guilty,” Reed said.

"You've already told me that,” Mr Callaghan said. "I'm about to impose a sentence and now is your chance to talk me down.” Reed declined.

Mr Callaghan told Reed his behaviour had been "appalling" and fined him $400.