Prison officer ‘Greg’ under observation in hospital
Prison officer ‘Greg’ under observation in hospital

Shocking images of bashed prison guard

BRUTAL prison bashings and Brenden Abbott-style escapes could happen again in Queensland if a new "dangerous staffing model" goes ahead, officers say.

The Courier-Mail can now detail the horrific injuries to prison officer "Greg", who was senselessly bashed at Woodford jail after a prisoner was told he had to continue to "double up" with another inmate.

These images show multiple fractures to Greg's nose, cheek, eye sockets and jaw from a coward punch and repeated kicks while on the ground.

He underwent surgery after the traumatic attack in the overcrowded jail late last year.

Officers this week walked out of jails across the state and held strikes over failed Enterprise Bargaining negotiations after the State Government offered a 2.5 per cent increase to officers over three years, a proposed "operational staffing model" and more casual staff.



Severe head injuries to prison officer ‘Greg’
Severe head injuries to prison officer ‘Greg’


Together Union industrial services director Michael Thomas said the "dangerous" staffing model meant if an officer was absent the prison wouldn't fill a post but would shuffle people around.

He said staff-to-prisoner ratios were already dangerous and jails were massively overcrowded with prisoners sharing cells and inmates sleeping on mattresses.
There was last night 8936 prisoners in jail, about 1700 inmates over the built cell capacity of 7197.

"Because a post was left vacant, Abbott was allowed free rein in the kitchen area and that assisted in his escape," Mr Thomas The Courier-Mail.

"He used parts of chairs from the kitchens to get over the razor wire.

"It simply wouldn't have been allowed to occur if there was staff there."

Abbott, who escaped with other prisoners from Queensland's Sir David Longland jail in 1997, was on the run for about six months before his recapture.

Shots were fired at officers during the escape.


Severe head injuries to prison officer ‘Greg’
Severe head injuries to prison officer ‘Greg’



An X-ray shows ‘Greg’s’ injuries in graphic relief.
An X-ray shows ‘Greg’s’ injuries in graphic relief.


"Greg is just an example of the dangers facing officers right now because of overcrowding," Mr Thomas said.
The union hasn't ruled out further strikes next week.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokeswoman said the enterprise bargaining proposal was in line with offers made to other Queensland public servants.
A use of force review was under way for officer safety.

"Staff safety is our top priority, and we are always working with our officers to improve their safety," the spokesman said.

Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan said he believed all parties could work towards a positive outcome.

"While this action is being taken, I have been assured by the Corrective Services Commissioner that plans are in place to ensure the safety and security of our correctional facilities," he said.