CAR CRASH: The Toyota Land-cruiser rolled off Imbil-Brooloo Rd two weeks ago.
CAR CRASH: The Toyota Land-cruiser rolled off Imbil-Brooloo Rd two weeks ago.

Imbil residents rally to get notorious road fixed

IMBIL residents are concerned about one of their roads after a car crash two weeks ago and have set up a petition to get it upgraded.

A family of five was involved in a single-vehicle crash on July 18 on Imbil-Brooloo Rd, which is notorious.

A woman involved in the accident was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and has since made a full recovery.

Her husband, Mitchell Hanly, wrote to Gympie Regional Council calling for the road to be widened.

"My wife and children were involved in an accident on this road and I believe as well as many others in the community that the road condition is 100 per cent to blame for this," Mr Hanly wrote.

"My family were lucky that they walked away with their lives. However, what about the next crash or the one after?"

Mr Hanly has asked the council to reassess the road before another crash occurs.

"Removing the bitumen altogether and making this a graded dirt road would remove the need for drastic changes of surfaces at the posted speed due to a lack of vision," he said.

Mr Hanly recommended the speed limit be reduced from 80km/h to 60km/h.

"I'm sure that the majority of the locals travelling this road really wouldn't care to take that little bit longer to get where they're headed and if they do there is always the highway they can take instead."

A spokesman for the council said they had received several requests for the Imbil-Brooloo Rd to be upgraded.

"As a result, council maintenance crews have conducted an inspection of the road," the spokesman said.

"The edge breaks and potholes are now programmed for patching while council's design crews will conduct traffic volume and speed counts to assist any future capital works bids.

"Council will also undertake a speed limit review."

On the Imbillites facebook page, Debbie Harrison said low lying cars would struggle using the road.

"I have low profile tyres and can not go off the side of the road going to Brooloo as I would get a flat tyre which may cause an accident, they definitely need to widen the road between Imbil and Brooloo," she said.