Gympie District Court House.
Gympie District Court House. Renee Albrecht

IN COURT: 34 people to face two Gympie courts today

EACH day a number of people appear in Gympie court, on a range of different charges.

The following people are appearing in Gympie Magistrates Court today, July 22, 2019:

  • Arena, Emily Elizabeth, Miss
  • Brook, Troydon Craig
  • Clarke, James John
  • Hoon, Jade Elizabeth Yu Mei
  • Hudson, Justin Richard
  • Janke, Dylan Neil
  • Jeffery, Lincoln Donald, Mr
  • Leis, Ashley David Percy Will
  • Lightfoot, Neil Allan
  • Little, Michael John
  • Mcdonald, Tye Costio
  • Mclean, Danny Richard
  • O'Neill, Christopher Andrew
  • Rickards, Lee Maxwell
  • Sargent, Julie-Anne Elizabeth, Miss
  • Schumacher, Edwina-Nellie Maree Kolet, Ms
  • Semmens, Michael Ross
  • Smith-Crossley, Darren Ronald
  • Thomas, Neville James, Mr
  • Waters, Cameron Michael, Mr
  • Williams, Shane John

The Gympie District Court is in its second week of sitting - these are the people appearing today:

  • CLEMENTS: Sue-Ellen
  • McCUBBIN: Tom
  • GILBERT: Rory
  • KEEN: Jesse
  • MARTIN: Timothy
  • NEWHAM; Dylan
  • DAVY; Bruce
  • LLOYD; Raymond
  • DALEY; Jessamy
  • LANGLEY; Joshua-James
  • FRANKLIN: Michael
  • MAUDSLEY; Shaun
  • BONE: Sarah