Inheritance left by deceased dad drained by ex-partner

A SAVAGE mum, who drained the inheritance left for two of her children by their deceased father, has been jailed for the unforgivable act.   

The Maryborough woman splurged about $130,000 on alcohol, gambling, and visiting a boyfriend in Canada from a trust fund meant for the man's daughters.  

The woman, who is aged 46, cannot be named for legal reasons.   

Maryborough District Court heard this week that the offender and the father of the two girls had married, but separated in 2002.   

He obtained custody of their two girls following the separation.  

The woman was still legally married to him when he passed away in 2005, and was listed as the trustee of a trust fund he had set up.   

The daughters were to have access to the account upon turning 18, however money was allowed to be taken out of it prior to that for their benefit.  

The court heard the woman had lied about her personal usage of the fund, wrongfully claiming she "hadn't touched it in ages and ages."  

At one point, when one of the girls asked for a laptop, the mum told her she was not able to afford to buy one.   

The 46-year-old was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to fraud.   

Judge David Reid described the entire situation as a "sad case" involving a "severe breach of trust."   

The court heard the woman is a mother to six children from three different fathers.  

Her sentence will be suspended after she spends a year-and-a-half behind bars.   

The two children she had with the deceased man, who are now adults, had become estranged from their mother.   

The woman became teary-eyed during court proceedings.  

She appeared distressed after being told of the length of time she will have to spend in a prison.   

The criminal activity regarding the trust fund was initially reported to police in 2014.   

The court heard money from the trust fund was "completely gone" and there was no prospect of its recovery.   

The woman had no prior criminal convictions.