New initiative brings housing solutions for the disabled

REGIONAL people with a disability who have ageing parents will have access to new housing solutions through an innovative new partnership designed to ensure they have a secure future.

Disability Services Minister Tracy Davis said on Thursday the partnership was a unique funding model for providing disability accommodation across Queensland.

"The Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Trial is about providing accommodation options for people with a disability once their elderly parents are unable to look after them at home," she said.

Ms Davis said the $15 million trial was a partnership between finance lender Foresters Community Finance and the Queensland Government.

"Foresters will receive $1 million from the Queensland Government as part of the trial along with $2 million from social investors to create a $3 million fund," she said.

Foresters Community Finance chief executive Belinda Drew said she was excited the fund had been launched and looked forward to connecting investors and disability housing providers.

"Providing innovative financial solutions for people and communities is at the very core of what we do," she said.

"There are many families out there looking for disability housing providers to assist them in achieving long term sustainable outcomes for their adult child."

The Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Trial provides grants of between $50,000 and $1 million to organisations to develop innovative housing and support models to assist adults with a disability with ageing parents.