Racers enjoy themselves at the Big Kart Track.
Racers enjoy themselves at the Big Kart Track. David Thomas

Innovation is the secret to a long life in business

THE owners of the Big Kart Track at Landsborough have revealed innovation as among the secrets to its success after celebrating 30 years in business.

Ferre de Deyne, the owner and manager, said one of the keys to the attraction's accomplishment was a commitment to ongoing improvements.

"We've continually updated the karts, the track and our facilities over the years in order to keep it fresh and challenging for our customers," he said.

"It's been a massive investment but it's also been really rewarding to see the business grow and the way the Sunshine Coast community and tourists alike have embraced our venture.

"What we have achieved over the past 30 years is quite rare in the volatile tourism industry and to do it under the ownership of one family is tremendously rewarding."

The Big Kart Track was established in 1983 with 25 karts on a 1.2km track - the longest commercial track in Australia.

Today, the facility has 80 karts - 50 allowed on the course at the one time - with a maximum speed of 70kmh.

"We also had the Bungy Bullet for many years, which was hugely successful and gave people another unique experience while they were here.

My philosophy has always been based around giving people a unique experience, having fun and we top it off with great customer service.

"It's what we instill into all our staff and I firmly believe this has been the cornerstone of our success.

"In 1990 we established the Ski Park at Bli Bli which is now where Go Wake is located, we held it for a decade before selling it to re-invest in the Big Kart Track with better and faster karts and update our infrastructure to keep the experience fresh for customers," he said.

Ferre said the installation of lights has enabled the Big Kart Track to remain open every night until 10pm.

As a result they have ventured into new streams of business such as corporate nights which can be included as part of a business seminar or conference to ensure there is an adrenalin factor for participants.

"Over the years we've hosted a number of local, state and national companies from Mack Trucks to LJ Hooker and all sorts of businesses in between.

"It's great stress relief for participants and also wonderful team-building because it can be just for fun or it can get very competitive.

"The karts are all the same standard so everyone is on an equal footing when they are on the track."

The attraction was established by Aime and Jacqueline Proost.

Mr de Deyne and his wife Mieke, who is the Proosts' daughter, joined the business in 1989.

Ferre said he was both pleased and humbled to be celebrating the 30-year milestone.

Did you know?

The Big Kart Track was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2012 Sunshine Coast Multicultural Awards.