Nelani Koefer
Nelani Koefer Photo supplied

Inquest date set to investigate child's drowning

AN INQUEST into the death of then four-year-old Nelani Koefer was today scheduled to begin on Monday, December 7 at the Rockhampton courthouse.

A pre inquest conference was held to discuss the proceedings of the inquest that will investigate Nelani's death on November 23, 2008.

The child was swept to her death after a fabridam failure at a Blackwater dam.

Nelani's mother Amy Koefer participated in the conference via phone from the courthouse in Gladstone.

Coroner David O'Connell said he expected the inquest to run from two to three days.

He said the inquest would focus on a number of issues, in particular 10a: "What were the main reasons that the prosecution of Sunwater Limited regulatory offence took 4 years 11 months"; and 10b: "Could that prosecution process be rendered more efficient if a defendant was required to state, or plead, its defence so that the "real issues" are identified and progressed?"