Inga Williams

Logan needs a new name? Maybe not, darling

RIGHT now you could be living in the City of Darling.

Had things gone a different way when the City of Logan was named, it would have been named after then-NSW governor Ralph Darling.

Mayor Pam Parker has revealed that Captain Patrick Logan suggested the city he discovered be named after Darling.

But Darling rejected the offer, and our city was named Logan after Captain Patrick Logan.

Fast forward to today, and Logan is not always portrayed as the fantastic city residents who live here know it is.

That the name of our city rhymes with the word "bogan" hasn't helped.

The revelation our city could have been the City of Darling has prompted us to ask our readers if we should think about renaming our city.

Cr Parker said council had conducted a survey in April asking 800 residents in and outside Logan if they supported changing the name of the city.

Just 18% of Logan residents surveyed said yes, while 25% of those surveyed outside of the city would support a change.

The Logan Reporter asked Kathy de Leon, the woman who started Gotta Love Logan, what she thought about a name change.

"A few years ago I would've said yes, change it," she said.

"I started Gotta Love Logan 12 months ago, because there was a lot of negativity around Logan.

"And every time you turned on the TV or the radio there was something negative about Logan.

"But a lot was blown out of context, and I thought it was about time we heard something positive."

Ms de Leon said her work over the past 12 months had changed her mind.

"We've all been through so much and battled so hard, the name Logan is almost endearing to some of us," she said.

"Because we've fought so hard to elevate it.

"Now it's ours, with all its mud and issues, it's ours."

On the premise we could have been the City of Darling, Ms de Leon said, "That's a bit much for Logan people".

"I think we're a bit stronger than that," she laughed at the suggestion.