Michael Jordan #23
Michael Jordan #23

Is Michael Jordan the greatest sportsman of all time?

OVER the past month Netflix has been releasing two episodes a week of The Last Dance, the story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan was drafted to the Bulls in 1984, joining a struggling franchise that he helped transform into one of the most dominant basketball teams in history.

The series gives a true insight into the players, the organisation and what it takes to be one of the most successful sportsmen in history.

The Last Dance is far more than a sport documentary, exploring the mentality and determination of athletes that dominated a sport for the greater part of a decade.

Jordan not only dominated on the court, but his cultural presence was felt around the world as he became one of the biggest names in sport.

The Bulls general manager Jerry Krause pulled together a list of incredible talent, however without the right leadership and coaching would have failed.

The series explores the highs and lows of Jordan's career and showcases the extremely competitive nature that led to his dominance.

After winning six championship rings, winning Olympic gold and a stint in the Minor League Baseball, Jordan has to be up there as one of the greatest sports people of all time.

Although it is a basketball series, The Last Dance focuses on the players and the camaraderie of the 1990s Chicago Bulls.

The last two episodes are set to drop at 6pm on Monday night and if you like sport I highly recommend The Last Dance.