Queensland Firebirds celebrate after taking out the Trans-Tasman Netball Championship
Queensland Firebirds celebrate after taking out the Trans-Tasman Netball Championship

Is netball really non-contact?

I HAVE found lately that despite netball being a non-contact sport many injuries occur all the time especially at a professional level.

Recently the Queensland Firebirds won the trans-Tasman netball championship after a nail-biting win over the New South Wales Swifts in Brisbane.

The classic rival states in theand desperation of the grand final revealed their intensity with an incredible come-back by the Firebirds resulting in a 57-56 win with seconds remaining on the clock.

Playing netball myself, I know it gets rough out on the court sometimes and a little push and shove is just competitive, but in any case it is still classified as a non-contact sport and players should not be walking off the court bleeding.

Despite maybe being an accident many people I spoke to were shocked by how physical a netball game can get after Julie Corletto copped an elbow to the face from Romelda Aiken breaking the goal defence's nose.

Elbows are definitely a hazard in netball, along with bottoms and hips, and when watching a game closely there is contact up and down the court all the time.

I don't think I have ever been in a netball game that hasn't had at least someone fall over or receive a decent body slam and, although women don't usually break out in fights, there is plenty of tension and 'give what you get' scenarios.

I have seen players get wrapped around goal posts and hit so hard they go flying in to the air and skid across the ground.

With 15 seconds on the clock during the 2015 ANZ Championships there were bodies flying everywhere on the floor and into other players for everyone to see.

A little bit of aggression and physicality is a part of every sport, not just contact, despite what people say.

Umpires do their best to control the game, but sometimes it is too late once the damage is done.

Although never seeing anyone sent off for this kind of behaviour I have seen plenty of warnings and threats to be sent off.

Good week

The Gympie Devils division two side remain undefeated after winning against the Noosa Pirates 16-14 on Saturday.

Bad week

The Gympie Diggers division one just loss to the Buderim Wanderers on Saturday at One Mile in the final minutes 3-2.