Arthur Gorrie
Arthur Gorrie File Photo

It has never been more important to support Gympie economy

TIMBER processing has historically been a major economic pillar for Gympie region.

But that contribution will soon be slashed, with the likely closure of Carter Holt Harvey's Gympie operation and the loss of 60 jobs.

Like water in a well, no-one misses manufacturing jobs until they run dry.

The emerging sector of medicine and personal services, to which many people looked for good news, has also suffered a significant blow with news of the impending closure of Gympie's private hospital, with 80 jobs expected to be lost.

That makes 140 incomes that will not be spent in Gympie region - millions of dollars a year lost to the regional economy.

These two business operations were among our most significant employment generators, along with Nestle, Laminex and Nolan Meats.

With dry conditions still hurting much of our vital agricultural sector, home to many small and family businesses, Gympie needs some good news about now.

No-one likes to be negative, but a region like Gympie needs more than positive thinking to keep smiles on faces and hope in hearts at a time like this.

For Carter Holt Harvey, it comes from a drop in bottom line demand. For the hospital it is a need for capital upgrades that apparently cannot be made to pay.

There has possibly never been a more vital time to buy local and keep the money we have circulating here.