WINNERS: Dan Brassel and Matt Ostrofski from Tru-Flow Services welcomed the state's efforts to hunt dodgy builders.
WINNERS: Dan Brassel and Matt Ostrofski from Tru-Flow Services welcomed the state's efforts to hunt dodgy builders. Rob Williams

'A great start': Subbies hail state's dodgy builder probe

PLUMBING company directors have described the action to protect the state's subcontractors as a "great start", but called for more action to fix the sector.

News the state government would appoint a Special Joint Taskforce to probe dodgy builders was welcome news in the boardroom of Ipswich business Tru-Flow Plumbing Services.

The taskforce, announced after News Corp's successful Back Our Subbies campaign, will probe the circumstances surrounding the collapse of several major construction companies.

Tru-Flow directors Matt Ostrofski and Dan Brassel welcomed the announcement as a "great start".

"Only good can come of it," Mr Brassel said.

"Looking between the lines it looks like they're creating another division to bypass the Queensland Building and Construction Commission which is good."

The directors have experience with collapsed builders.

They were left $50,000 out-of-pocket when Cullens Group collapsed days before Christmas in 2016.

The Ipswich business was dealt a second major blow just one month later when Betair Constructions folded.

Mr Ostrofski welcomed the government's taskforce and pledge to forensically examine dodgy payments.

He has long argued for better policing of company directors who sign false financial statutory declarations.

"This taskforce is exactly right, someone has got to be accountable for signing those statutory declarations," he said.

The directors are reserved to the fact they will not recoup money lost in the Cullens' collapse.

"There's no money there," Mr Ostrofski said.

"You're on a debtors list and you're in a queue."

Mr Brassel was happy for the taskforce, backed by Queensland Police Service detectives, to re-test historical claims of fraud.

"I think it's good to have a consequence there," he said.

"If there's no deterrent they're going to keep doing it," Mr Ostrofski added.

"Nothing bad can come of this, only good.

"If there's a deterrent other people would take notice."

While the contractors say more can be done in the industry, such as action to reduce cash retention times, both praised the efforts to back our subbies.

Mr Brassel was pleased to hear News Corp's campaign had effected change.

"If you guys are pushing that agenda and it's working then good on you," he said.