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'It's going to be mammoth!' World class rides to hit Gympie

HOLD onto your hats because we are about to get the biggest arrangement of world class rides the Gympie show has ever seen.

The majority of the rides, which are starting to shape the show grounds skyline already have come directly from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Showmens Guild of Australasia president Luke Hennessy said.

He's the man behind the line up of hundreds of shows around the country and he says Gympie is getting a side show alley that will match world fares such as Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany or the Calgary Stampede in Canada.

"Gympie's very lucky - there are a lot of shows around the country this weekend but Gympie has the best arrangement of rides," he said.

"They are so sought after they would not look out of place at the world's most premium fares."

"It's going to be mammoth- you'll probably see it from all around town."


Gympie is Queensland's first stop on the show circuit's north arm run, Mr Hennessy explained, where the major rides tour.

Australia's newest premium travelling rides The Beast and the Crazy Mouse Spinning Rollercoaster will be debuting in Queensland at the GYmpie Show.

The Beast, which is one of only four of its kind in the world, projects its riders 38m into the air at 120kmh and together with the rollercoaster was transported to Gympie on nine trailers.

Mr Hennessy said Gympie show visitors who stand under the rides will look up and think 'Holy hell - how did you get this here?'

"The amusement rides these days are the closest thing you get to transformers," he said.

Sideshow Alley will come to life at The Gympie Show on Thursday.

Rides vary in price between $5 and $15 at the show, but you can pre order ride tickets here to pay $25 for 30 tickets.

6 super fly rides coming to the Gympie Show this year

1. The Beast


The Beast is expected to provide a whole new world of thrills come showtime next week.
The Beast is expected to provide a whole new world of thrills come showtime next week. Jacob Carson

THE Beast has arrived! Check out Australia's newest super machine that will propel you 38m in the air at 120kmh.

It's a rotating Gondola that holds 20 people at a time, before whipping them around with the same force of a fighter jet engine.

This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Read all about it here.

2. The Speed


The Speed
The Speed Contributed

THIS machine propels eight passengers at 100kmh upside down, backwards and up for a knee shaking extreme thrill.

If you ride this 50 meter tower of power it is bound to be an experience you remember.

3. The XXXL

THIS bad boy will have you coming back for more and more. It's faster then the speed of light, more exciting then Christmas Day and scarier than your mother in law, so they say.

You will have to see for yourself.

4. The Skyflyer


The Sky flyer
The Sky flyer Contributed

IF you like a good swing at the park then you will love a swing on the Skyflyer. Hold on tight, let your legs swing out and enjoy a view of the whole Gympie Show as you fly high in the air.

No need to push yourself on this one.

5. The Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster


The Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster
The Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster Contributed

THIS ride will spin you crazy. If you love roller coasting and you love spinning this ride is perfect- it will spin you crazy.

It takes several trailers to transport and two days to set up and who can say no to the irresistibly cute mice?

6. The Break Dance


The Break Dance
The Break Dance Contributed

HOP around and hold on tight for an experience full of colour, thumping music and thrills. This ride will have you whipping, doing the nae nae and bop bop and screaming with joy as you hold on tight for an experience full of colour, music and spins.