A man has been sentenced after a drunken domestic rampage at Cooloola Cove
A man has been sentenced after a drunken domestic rampage at Cooloola Cove Rob Williams

'I've got AIDS and you're going to die'

A COOLOOLA Cove man whose violence led to a police complaint last month was given suspended jail, fined $300 and ordered to pay $1495 restitution after he damaged property and threatened a neighbour who had taunted him about his sexuality.

Gympie Magistrates Court was told the man had been punched in the nose and was bleeding when he spat on the ground in his neighbour's yard.

"I've got AIDS," he said, according to uncontested police allegations.

"I'm going to burn your house down while you're in it; you're going to die," he said.

The man, 45,who cannot be named under domestic violence laws, also used a guitar to smash a window.

He pleaded guilty to breaching a Domestic Violence Order from November 27 last year, threatening violence, trespassing and two counts of wilful damage, all committed between August 1 and 4.

The court was told the man was heavily intoxicated after drinking on August 1 and had destroyed valuables belonging to his male partner during the early hours of the next morning.

He then jumped on his and his partner's shared vehicle, caving the roof in, before striking the windscreen with a mop handle.

Police told the court the threats to his neighbour caused "great distress, especially to the (neighbour's) wife.

"She was seen running off screaming, thinking the house was burning," the prosecutor said.

After his arrest, he had showed a blood alcohol content of .29 per cent.

"The items destroyed were mostly his or shared property," the man's solicitor told the court, adding that the man did not really have AIDS.

The car was shared property and he had already given his partner $500 for repairs.

Magistrate Graham Hillan sentenced the man to two months jail, suspended for a year, in addition to the fine and restitution.