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JACOB'S LEGACY: Mum's quest to honour son meets resistance

AN IMBIL woman's campaign to have the town's new skate bowl named in honour of her lost son, Jacob Roy, has met some resistance in the Mary Valley community.

But Jacob's mother, Kerri Saint, says she accepts the decision is not up to her.

"I thought even a skateboard-shaped seat in his memory would be nice,” she said yesterday, recalling her son's skate boarding history, especially the help he gave other young skaters as they learned the skills of the sport.

"The kids will remember it for Jacob anyway,” she said yesterday.

Kerri Saint from Imbil is hoping to name the new skate bowl after her son who recently passed.
Imbil woman Kerri Saint has campaigned to have the new Imbil skate bowl named in honour of her skateboarding son Jacob, who died two years ago. Renee Albrecht

A look at social media commentary yesterday showed some division over whether it should be named after anyone and if so, who that should be.

Some younger commentators seemed to favour a memorial for Jacob.

Declan Knight said: "Jacob left all of us with the best memories and is the reason I started skating, and particularly long boarding, in the first place.”

Jacob Roy, taken in 2011.
Jacob Roy, taken in 2011. Contributed

Rhonda Zonruiter also supported the memorial idea, but pointed out the skate bowl was in a park already named Bert Smith Park.

"The skate bowl being named in memory of Jacob was always on the cards,” she said.

"Kerri, I would like to thank you for your desire to support the youth of Imbil, you have turned your tragedy into an awesome testimony to your son's life in this town.

Bush Haven Creativity Award. Jacob Roy with an example of his 3D work.
Jacob Roy as a beautiful young boy before his tragic, accidental death. Contributed

"Please don't be disheartened.”

Ms Saint said she was happy to see the skate bowl built at all, as a much needed facility.

"The kids need it so badly,” she said, "whatever happens with the name.”