Jail for former Black Ulhans member over gang threats

A FORMER bikie will spend a year behind bars for threatening to unleash his fellow Black Uhlans motorcycle gang members on a man if he did not hand over $20,000.

Cameron Templeton, 42, of Narangba, south of Caboolture, told the man "if you don't, I will f***ing kill youse" and added "I will send the boys around".

He was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to extortion and threatening people.

Brisbane District Court heard the crimes stemmed from a family dispute.

Templeton, who demanded $10,000 on two separate occasions in 2013, had a $370,000 debt.

Decked in his club's colours, Templeton met with the man at the motorcycle gang's clubhouse at Burleigh Heads in August 2013.


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The man refused to enter the clubhouse and Templeton demanded he pay him $10,000, telling the man: "You'll f***ing pay, you know what clubs are capable of if you don't pay. You know what happens to narks".

The man paid the money in two $5000 instalments, and then Templeton demanded another $10,000, which the man also paid.

Templeton threatened a different man on a separate occasion and said to him "you know how serious we are and what we can do".

He also arranged for another Black Uhlans member to threaten a woman, saying "this is your last warning" over the family dispute.

"Your threats and demands were taken seriously," Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said.

He said Templeton had already served 57 days in jail before he was released on bail in 2014.

This time was spent in solitary confinement, which the judge said equated to a longer time in jail.

Templeton will be eligible for parole in June next year.