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Jail visitors charged with drug smuggling

A MAJOR drug and weapons operation targeting visitors to the Maryborough jail has ended in six arrests.

Police conducted 44 random breath tests and 37 street checks on individuals¬ in the joint operation between Queensland Corrective Services and Queensland Police at the weekend.

As a result, a number of serious offences were detected including two charges of possessing a prohibited thing (Corrective Services Act) in the form of drugs and a weapon allegedly packaged up to be smuggled into the centre, two charges of drug driving and two charges of unlicensed driving.

Maryborough Correctional Centre General Manager Alan Ingram said Operation Disruptive was one of a regular series of joint operations which targeted visitors who attempted to smuggle contraband into jails or visit while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

"The safety and security of our centre is our absolute priority, and people attempting to smuggle contraband, or attend the centre while affected by illicit substances put the safety of our officers and prisoners at risk," he said.

Mr Ingram said visitors to prisoners should familiarise themselves with the rules before attending the prison.

"Visitors to Queensland prisons are told very clearly that they are subject to searches and drug detection - however the results of this operation shows that message isn't getting through to some people," he said.

"It just isn't worth the risk - if you attempt to enter our correctional centres with contraband or under the influence of drugs, you will be caught."