James Corden has fallen for a hot kangaroo.
James Corden has fallen for a hot kangaroo.

James Corden falls in love with sexy Aussie kangaroo

JAMES Corden could not get over how "sexy" a kangaroo was that was photographed in Australia last month.

The Late Late Show host dedicated a whole segment to the "hot roo", which was snapped by French tourist Sandrina Duniau in a Western Australian national park.

"A woman vacationing in Australia posted a picture of a kangaroo blocking the door to a public rest room," Corden told his audience.

"However he was not just blocking that door, he was blocking the door in what I can only describe as the most seductive way possible."

The talk show host held up the photo of the kangaroo and said, "I can't get over it, he's basically a Hemsworth!"

What followed was a succession of "this kangaroo's so hot" jokes that left the studio audience in stitches.

What a stud.
What a stud. Sandrina Duniau / Caters News

"This kangaroo's so hot he met Margot Robbie at a party in Sydney and gave her a fake number.

"This kangaroo's so hot the only thing he keeps in his pouch is condoms.

"This kangaroo's so hot he won't bother trying to remember your name.

"This kangaroo's so hot he just wishes you would take him seriously as an artist.

"He's so hot we cancelled two guests today so that we could talk about how hot he is.

"This kangaroo's so hot Donald Trump offered him $130,000 in hush money."

As he stared in awe at the picture, Corden ended the segment by joking, "Do I like this photograph or is that boomerang in my pocket?"

You can watch the full segment below: