James Corden is unrecognisable as Pennywise from IT.
James Corden is unrecognisable as Pennywise from IT. Contributed

James Corden is totally unrecognisable

JAMES Corden looked a right clown in his latest sketch for The Late Late Show.

The chat show host has never been afraid to dress up and get stuck in to a character and on Wednesday night's show he morphed into killer clown Pennywise from horror movie IT, reports The Sun.

Dressed in a cream and red clown costume, James looked unrecognisable with his face painted white with two red lines running down from his forehead to the corners of his mouth.

A rusty red wig was added to complete the look of the horror character - made famous in the Stephen King novel first released in 1986.

In the sketch, titled "The IT Department", an office worker called Tim calls his IT service desk to get help with his computer. But he gets the shock of his life when James turns up beside him instead.

Thankfully for Tim, James' version of IT is much less scary than the one in the book - and the new movie adaptation starring Bill Skarsgard.

Not what you want to see at work.
Not what you want to see at work. Contributed

He quickly realised the mistake, telling Tim: "Oh, I see the problem. You've called the IT department and I'm It. So there's been a mix up. It's not your fault, it happens all the time."

But that doesn't stop James from making Tim jump out of his skin on a number of occasions, appearing in the filing cabinet by his desk before rising from behind the monitor with a red balloon in his hand.

"I thought it might be blocking the Wi-Fi signal", James offered helpfully, but an exasperated Tim snatched the balloon and popped it, splattering fake blood all over his shirt in the process.

James then mocks him, saying: "Oh come on, everybody knows you don't pop a murderous clown's balloon - that's on you."

Tim then calls IT again, and does his best to get through to the right department this time, but soon regrets the move when fellow horror move character Freddy Krueger turns up.

As a terrified Tim asks why he is there, Freddy replies: "I turned over a new leaf. I went to night school and got a degree in computer sciences".

The sketch then ends with Pennywise and Freddy going to lunch while Tim is just glad he made it out of the situation alive.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.