Jamie Gao charged with kidnapping before his murder

A WEEK before he was killed as part of an alleged drug deal gone wrong, university student Jamie Gao faced court on kidnapping and assault charges.

Details on the background of the slain 20-year-old business student comes as disgraced former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara are charged with his murder.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports two days after his body was found wrapped in a blue tarpaulin off the coast at Cronulla, his girlfriend visited the site and threw flowers into the ocean as a tribute.

The University of Technology student allegedly forced the victim into a car and detained him in a bid to get information about a relationship breakdown in January.Mr Gao originally faced Kogarah court, the same courtroom where one of his alleged killers, Mr McNamara, appeared on Monday charged with murder and large-scale drug suppl

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