Jean Kratz and Jean Bailey - the
Jean Kratz and Jean Bailey - the "pair of jeans" - school friends who found each other at the Tartan Brushy club. Adam Hourigan

Jeans still good after 80 years

SOME of us just have one of those faces.

One that even when it has reached 80-odd years, it's still recognisable to those who knew you in primary school.

When Mrs Jean Kratz joined the Tartan Brushy Club, current member Jean Bailey knew she recognised her face from somewhere, but couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Every Tuesday Jean and Jean would sit back to back in the Brushgrove-Tyndale Community Hall at their Brushy Club meetings, oblivious that they knew each other a lot more than they realised.

It wasn't for a number of weeks until the two Jeans, 92 and 93, realised they had actually been classmates and good friends at Ulmarra Public School 80 years ago.

"When she joined the club I said to her daughter, 'what's her name?' because I thought I knew her," Mrs Bailey said.

Ms Kratz admitted she had not recognise her long-lost friend in the beginning.

"I recognised her after she said who she was," Mrs Kratz laughed.

After leaving school in Year 8, the pair of Jeans went their separate ways, worked on their farms and eventually reared children of their own.

Neither one of the Jeans thought they would share a cuppa all these years later, but were more than glad they were now doing so.