YEARS of training will come down to 40 seconds of pure adrenaline for 15-year-old magician Jeffro Bennett tonight.

Inspired by illusionist Harry Houdini and marking 90 years since his death, Jeffro will attempt to escape a straight jacket while blindfolded and weighted to the bottom of the Carole Park swimming pool.

It is a daring stunt Jeffro has been training years for and one which is symbolic for his passion for magic.

He said Houdini was a pillar of the magic industry and an icon who inspired him to push his magic skills.

"I'm going to be doing an underwater straight jacket escape and I'm doing it in honour of a very famous magician Houdini. It's the 90th anniversary of his death, he died on Halloween so I'm doing it in his honour," he said.

"In the magic world, Houdini is the one magician we all look up to. He's the spotlight we all walk towards and aim to get. He's one of the most well known magicians and he was really good at what he did. He changed magic forever. It would mean a lot to me to complete his escape in his honour."

15-year-old Jeffrey 'Jeffro' Bennett is attempting to escape from a straight jacket while blindfolded and submerged in Carol Park Swimming Centre.
15-year-old Jeffrey 'Jeffro' Bennett is attempting to escape from a straight jacket while blindfolded and submerged in Carol Park Swimming Centre. David Nielsen

Jeffro took up a gruelling training regime in the lead up to tonight but he said mental strength was as important as physical strength.

"I've done a lot of fitness training and I do under water training so laps of the pool so I'm getting used to moving under water. It's different to just sitting under water and holding your breath," he said.

"A straight jacket is usually something that is not done underwater and it is advised to not do under water so I see that as a challenge and a goal for me, to do something other magicians haven't done.

"The feeling of being restrained under water to most people is a very scary thought and a straight jacket is very restraining.

"I've always been interested in magic and learning new tricks. It really inspired me and showed me the power of making someone believe you've just done something that's completely impossible in their head and just completely blown them away."

Lifeguards and first aid will be on hand tonight to make sure the young magician is safe while measures are in place if things don't go to plan.

15-year-old Jeffrey 'Jeffro' Bennett is attempting to escape from a straight jacket while blindfolded and submerged in Carol Park Swimming Centre.
It will be no card trick for Jeffro Bennett tonight as he risks his life. David Nielsen

"One of the real dangers is if something gets caught or goes wrong that I'm not used to. I've got a designated lifeguard on standby so if something goes wrong he can jump in and grab me," he said.

"I am very nervous but you can't let your nerves get ahead of you, you have just got to tell yourself that it is possible and be in the right mindset for it to happen."

Proud but anxious mum Kim said she was keen to give her son the opportunity to reach his daring goals but with the support of extensive safety measures.

"Personally I'm horrified as a mother so that's the difficult part, as a mother you don't want your child to do this," she said.

"For him wanting to be a performer and wanting to be a magician, I want to give him every opportunity to do what he wants and make sure it's in a safe environment so that's more important, for him to be able to express himself and move forward with the support of his family and a team of experts. I wanted it all to come from him, he started really young and we watched him progress. As he progressed and got stronger and stronger we found that all that internal drive has come from him. We're being that support and guidance and offering him the training that he needs.

"He has the spirited 'give anything a go' attitude and I think that comes through in the magic."

Ms Bennett said Jeffro had adrenaline in his blood as she worked as a stunt double in her entertainment career.

"I started in the entertainment industry when I was really young and it was mainly through stunt work. I really enjoyed it, I loved it," she said.

"I did some in the ocean for a film and it was pretty scary. It was all in a safe environment but this is different, this is testing your limits on a whole different level. In stunts its very sequenced and no one pushes you to this sort of limit."

NOTE: If all goes well Jeffro will be performing roving and close-up magic at Ipswich Jets Melbourne Cup function tomorrow.