Tim Jerome.
Tim Jerome.

Jerome: ‘I will make state take over the Rattler’

Letter to the Editor by Tim Jerome, independent candidate for Gympie

If there is a hung Parliament what will I do or how would I vote?

I have given it much thought if there was a hung parliament and how would I vote.

My first and only thoughts are for this Gympie region. I will put the Gympie region first in my deciding vote.

For me that means how can I benefit this region financially or how can I get our tax dollar and spend it back into our region.

At the moment our rate dollar is being spent on financing the Rattler train. In the future it is going to cost us millions to maintain tracks and bridges.

If elected I will be making it a condition that state take over the running of Rattler train financially.

This will save our region literally tens of millions over the coming years.

My second condition will be for State or our tax dollar to pay for a new indoor sports and cultural stadium.

I am all about working with local government.

I have talked with Cr Bob Fredman of whom I have formed a good personal relationship with and believe this and attracting government agencies into our region will be most beneficial for our Region.

To see all my policies please go to www.timjerome.com.au.