Independent state election candidate Tim Jerome
Independent state election candidate Tim Jerome

Jerome slams Labor‘s ‘extreme Green policies’

Letter to the Editor by Independent candidate for Gympie Tim Jerome

I have had many a talk with the Labor candidate Geoff Williams in regards to Labor getting back to being the working person’s party that it once was, and letting go of the extreme Green policies that are making the Labor Party unrecognisable and not relevant for today’s hard workers.

Gympie's Tim Jerome
Gympie's Tim Jerome

It is like talking to a brick wall. He has been so indoctrinated that he cannot see that most of the old Labor voters do not want the extreme Green policies that have infiltrated and are now part and parcel of the Labor DNA.

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I personally think that Bob Hawke would turn in his grave to see what is becoming of the Labor movement.

Certainly, Andrew Fisher a Gympie man who was Labor’s second Prime Minister would disendorse himself from the Party.

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When the Labor movement was set up, it was set up for the hard workers who never envisaged that the movement would be know as the party that wanted full-term abortion and were not willing to back the farmer or hard working coal miners.

Gympie ALP candidate Geoff Williams
Gympie ALP candidate Geoff Williams

Now the Labor Party has sided with the Green Party and believe that we don’t really own our land but it belongs to the Government who are trustees for those who claim different rights then the hard working Australians who work hard to own their own land.

I have news for you Labor/Green alliance.

This land belongs to the hard working person who has put their sweat and tears into owning their patch of dirt; a baby who is born or forced to vacate the womb early is a living human-being and deserves the right to live and freedom of voice is the right of every Australian. Your destructive policies have no place for the true hard worker who love our country, a place we call home.

Cheers Tim Jerome

Independent Candidate Gympie

1 Kenman Rd Traveston