Jerome: ‘Time to turf the CEO’

I BELIEVE the current CEO has lost the confidence of the public in general in relation to the financial management of the council, given the council has run at an operational loss in three of the past four years, including an $11 million deficit last year.

Therefore, if elected the first agenda item I will put forward is a motion to not renew the CEO’s contract that is coming up for renewal next year.

Personally, I don’t know the current CEO or even had a chance to speak with him in great lengths. So what I am saying is not on a personal level, it is purely on a governmental level.

I believe this will be the best outcome for the residents of the region and the current CEO.

It will give the current CEO time to find a new job somewhere else. It will also give the current CEO the opportunity to take a new job without breaking his contract and facing financial disadvantages or consequences through breaking his contract.

As I said I have no personal agenda for this cause of action. It is purely on a governmental level and one I believe will be best for the CEO and the residents of the Gympie Region.

Tim Jerome, Mayoral candidate


Too many council cooks

BIG surprise for me this week when I read in The Gympie Times that the Gympie Regional Council still had a day labour work force.

They are actually widening a road and constructing a footpath at Cooloola Cove. In the Gympie city council day labour gangs did subdivisions and earned money for the council.

The number of contractor vehicles moving around town had convinced me that nobody local was capable of fixing potholes, mowing grass or trimming trees.

Sadly despite the appointment of innumerable highly paid managers for every service offered by GRC little, if any, work is undertaken by the day labour gang.

I visited the new aquatic centre yesterday and it surely is magnificent.

What isn’t so fantastic – not one cent of the entry fess goes back to us ratepayers.

In fact Belgravia have their takings boosted by millions from the ratepayer purse.

I do hope Gympie voters take a long hard look at what the present council has done to us ratepayers.

May the new council take back control of the finances and not be led around by the nose as the majority of this lot have been.

Jill Dinneen, Southside

Nothing filling at Chamber brekkie

HAVING listened to a recording of the recent, and apparently controversial, Chamber of Commerce breakfast I can only conclude listening would be preferable to attending.

What a load of short sighted, small town thinking, rubbish where people with axes to grind were enabled in missing the claimed point of the entire exercise.

I heard few sensible suggestions and feel that if that’s Gympie’s civic leadership we’re travelling a slow winding back road, in reverse gear.

The start was interesting, where it was pointed out that in many ways we lead in Wide Bay, which makes me wonder why, if things are as tough as we’re lead to believe here, we remain attached to a group of bigger losers?

Having said that it soon also became apparent that what is being done in Wide Bay is mainly being done in the bigger centres, with Gympie being effectively the “Cinderella” of the collective more coastal council areas.

As always our MP, Tony Perrett, didn’t fail to disappoint with a crock of rot about the pie in the sky fast train to Bundy when in reality what’s needed in the shorter term, and could almost be affordable, is a track realignment so the current tilt train could function as designed, and with increased services.

There was the usual confusions as to where Gympie belongs, with much talk of our proximity to the South East being countered by a lot of what’s happening to our north, which is of little benefit or consequence to us.

Probably the most alarming aspect was that despite the idea of a major new industrial area (or two) causing conjecture in some circles the chamber has decided to actively think small and to push that idea aside. Chuck in a rant from a business premises renter who failed to do due zoning diligence and sighs were about all the interest I could raise while listening.

As for town planning and the complaints thereon I can only say that every day, from stupid access to ALL our supermarkets to blocked highway lanes outside service stations we experience the lack of decent planning some would have us go back to.

I hope the food was nice as from what I heard the conversation was pointless at it’s best and vindictive at it’s worst.

Dave Freeman, Cedar Pocket