The NZ Herald met Mark Cropp in July 2017.
The NZ Herald met Mark Cropp in July 2017.

Face tat man’s Devast8-ing news

THE man who rose to infamy after going public about his struggle to get a job - because he has the word Devast8 tattooed across his face - is back before the courts.

Mark Cropp became internationally known last year after he spoke to the NZ Herald about being unable to get a job because of his extensive facial ink.

He said his brother tattooed the nickname "Devast8" on his face during a heavy night of drinking in jail.

When released he wanted to get off the unemployment benefit, get a job and put food on the table for his family.

However, employers would not have a bar of him because of the tattoo.

"One employment place said to me 'I wouldn't employ you with that on your face, I wouldn't even take a second look at you'," he told the Herald last year.

"I've had other people that just shrugged and laughed at me."

The Herald on Sunday can now reveal that Cropp, who turned 21 in August, will stand trial in November on charges of male assaults female and threatening to kill.

The trial is before a judge alone.

Cropp revealed his regret over the tattoo last year.

"Once it was started, I thought, I can't go back on it now," he said of the night his brother tattooed the word on his face," he said.

"I wish I had stopped while the outline was there to be quite honest."

Despite the regrets he wanted to keep the tattoo and hoped potential employers could look past it.

However, after his Herald interview his story went viral and he decided to have it removed.

He accepted an offer from Sacred Laser in Kingsland to have it removed for free and attended one appointment but did not return for further work.

Police could not comment on the charges Cropp is facing as the matters were before the courts.

This article originally appeared on NZ Herald and was reproduced with permission.