Joe Jonas' 'tough' pals

Joe Jonas says his friends are really "tough" with any of his potential girlfriends when they all hang out together because they are testing if the girl can "handle herself well" within their circle.

The 'Cake By The Ocean' hitmaker has revealed he brings his prospective partners to hang out with his friends to see if they can "handle themselves well" within their closely knit circle.

He said: "The biggest test is bringing her around friends because I have friends who are really tough about new people - we have a really tight circle. You bring them around friends and see if they can handle themselves well - that's usually a good test."

And the 26-year-old singer also revealed what he looks for in a girl - a great sense of humour.

He added to PEOPLE magazine: "I would say she's gotta have a sense of humour and find my weird sense of humour funny."

Meanwhile, Joe previously gushed about his close friendship with ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato, revealing they are more like "family".

He said: "She's family. We've known Demi for so many years. We're performed with her, toured with her. She's just incredible. But it's not always the case [that relationships end on good terms]. Sometimes you have to know when to fold the cards. I don't think of her as an ex. We're really good friends. We've gone through so much together and we're really close now."

And Joe went on to praise Demi, 23, for being the "best version of herself" he's ever known her to be.

He added: "She's the best version of herself I've ever known. She's healthy and that's obviously something a lot of the world knows now, but she's gotten over [the really hard part].

"I know a lot of friends who've gone through similar things and it's when you have to live with your new self for a few years - that comes with a lot of struggle. And being a pop star on top of that, that's a lot of pressure, but she's amazing at speaking truth to what she believes."