Judge reduces sentence of man who assaulted police and stole

A MAN who became agitated and grabbed a pair of scissors at a Tiaro supermarket before being tasered by police has successfully appealed the sentence handed down to him in Maryborough District Court.

Joshua Brett Blatch, 24, appeared before the court earlier this year facing several charges including assaulting police, burglary, stealing, failing to appear and going armed in public.

The offences stemmed from a series of incidents, including one at Tiaro Foodworks on June 4.

Blatch entered the supermarket about 9am while under the influence of a substance.

Blatch was behaving in an agitated and aggressive manner and yelled out that he wanted an ambulance.

Someone at the store offered to call for help, but Blatch was undecided.

He was then offered a ride to Maryborough Hospital.

Blatch then jumped on a counter, knocking over some carry baskets.

He picked up a pair of scissors and continued demanding an ambulance.

Police attended the store and Blatch was still behaving erratically.

Police used a Taser to try to subdue him.

He kicked out at a male officer and connected with him while continuing to resist arrest.

The court heard he was kicking and thrashing around.

Before that incident, Blatch broke into a home at Little Mountain with others and stole cash and jewellery from the residence.

The total amount added up to $4100.

The court heard Blatch was determined to work and wanted to move to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast where he could seek employment with forklift driving or landscaping.

At the time he was sentenced, his partner was six weeks pregnant.

A number of character references were also submitted on his behalf.

Judge Justin Smith, who heard the appeal, said it seemed Blatch had changed after his release from jail in October 2015 for other offences, but he relapsed and started using ice.

"It seems to me on the material that drug use is his problem and he's got to stay away from ice.

"If he doesn't, he'll come back before the courts again and get longer and longer sentences," Judge Smith said.

Judge Smith found the sentence handed down in Maryborough District Court was excessive considering the amount of compensation Blatch was ordered to pay, in addition to the prison sentence he was given.

Judge Smith found the court erred in imposing default sentences for the charges of failing to appear.

He also set aside the compensation orders made on the stealing and burglary counts.

Blatch was given a head sentence of two years and his parole release date was fixed for February 3, 2017.