SKILL SET: Junior cricketers will benefit from proposed rule changes.
SKILL SET: Junior cricketers will benefit from proposed rule changes. Max Fleet BUN120316JNRCRIC8

Juniors look pitch perfect after milestone change

CRICKET: Gympie's junior cricketers are set to benefit from rule modifications after the newly formed Gympie Regional Cricket Association became one of a handful of regions across Australia to adopt the proposed idea.

Following a presentation from Queensland Cricket in August, the adoption of the new concepts include an alteration which places less defined focus on age and increases the emphasis on the skill and ability of the individual player.

Gympie's cricket association will apply the changes, which include modified pitches, shorter boundaries and mandated fielding restrictions.

According to president Ian Manly, the new system is approved by Cricket Australia and endorsed by a number of high-profile former players.

"It (the modifications) intuitively says what we all know, having smaller fields, shorter wickets, limiting the number of wides that are bowled and making sure that players are engaged in the game all the time is the way to go,” Manly said.

Age groups that will be affected include under-12s through to U16s, however matches associated with representative trials or squad training will be played using full-length pitches but will apply some of the newer concepts such as shorter boundaries.

Manly said some minor adjustments would be made in order for the model to work for the Gympie demographic.

"We will need to make some modifications, we will not use the age group system that Cricket Australia have prescribed, we will instead use a skill-based program.”

The changes are designed at improving skill level by having players engaged in the game for longer periods of time thus building on existing skill sets.