Frank Wilkie

Junk food resolution could save you $1000 and 10kg

DIABETES Queensland has a New Year's resolution for young Queenslanders - eat one less piece of junk food every day next year.

It could keep $1000 in your pocket and cut 10kg from your waistline.

Diabetes Queensland chief executive Michelle Trute said the number of overweight and obese Queenslanders under the age of 35 was increasing and young people needed to take control of their diet.

"We now have 39% of 18- to 24-year-olds categorised as overweight and obese and this jumps to an alarming 48.7% for 24 to 34-year-olds," she said.

"Type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest health problems facing Queensland. Aside from the health risks at an individual level, diabetes-related expenditure is expected to increase by about 500% by 2032-33 unless we, as a community, take urgent action.

"Even making a few small changes can make a huge difference to a person's overall health let alone their hip-pocket."

She said eating one less junk food item per day in 2015 could make a huge difference.

"That's one less burger, one less beer, one less sugary drink, two less sweet biscuits, one less packet of potato chips, one less chocolate bar and one less slice of cake a week," she said.

"You would have to run 28 marathons to burn off that amount of energy and with the money you save you could buy return flights to Los Angeles."