POWER: Daria Mostofizadeh with a high kick.
POWER: Daria Mostofizadeh with a high kick. Patrick Woods

Karate kids on national stage

 Walk into the Dojo at the Apex Hall on Red Hill, you will sense something.

There is an air of unwavering discipline in the room.

As the young pupils go through the rhythms of training, you can see the different coloured belts denoting the amount of time they have devoted to the sport, with younger students in white and green belts and teenagers in brown and orange belts.

But to the left of the room you can see Daria and David Mostofizadeh with the trade mark black belt.

A sign they have dedicated the better part of their life to the craft.

Daria and David, along with their brother Dustin and sisters Delara and Diba have recently returned from Sydney where they competed at the Australian School and Universities Championships and Australian Open.

The St Patrick's College students competed in both the sparing and kata divisions at the championships taking out multiple placings over much older competition.

David Mostofizadeh told The Gympie Times he was one of the youngest competitors in his sparing division, but was still able to match it with the older athletes.

"Not knowing your usual opponents is the hardest part of these tournaments," he said.

"In Queensland you pretty much know everyone, but at the Australian open anyone can come along.

"In Kata I was in the seniors division and was up against a 20-year-old from Botswana," he said.

But with the sport running in the family, David and Daria are more than happy to share the success with their siblings.